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Lorain County Community College (LCCC)

Supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs has been a cornerstone of Lorain County Community College’s mission since its founding more than 50 years ago. LCCC’s Business Growth Services provides a one-stop location for comprehensive training and business support for new entrepreneurs as well as established companies that need help with growth strategies.

With a wide range of business resources, expertise and strategic tools that can be tailored to companies’ needs, our Business Growth Services team can assist businesses of any size and in nearly any industry with:

Workforce Training
Business Growth Services works with companies to deliver training, education, earn and learn and apprenticeship programs for business growth, job growth and internal development. We help companies evaluate their talent needs and develop workforce development strategies that directly align with their key business objectives.

Startup Guidance and Funding
The path from innovative ideas to business growth can be daunting. To grow an organization to new heights, successful business leaders and entrepreneurs know they must invest in their own growth and development. LCCC Business Growth Services leverages a team of experienced consultants, business owners and serial entrepreneurs to connect leaders with the resources they need to develop skills and strategies for success.

Hiring and Talent Planning
Whether you’re an entrepreneur making the first hires to grow your team or you have an established company, acquiring new talent is critical to growth. LCCC provides businesses with the tools, resources and strategies they need to recruit and hire a skilled workforce. As an educational leader and a community partner, LCCC is committed to facilitating job creation — and the economic development it fuels — by connecting growing companies with top talent.

Advanced Manufacturing
Automation and technological advances are transforming manufacturing. To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, manufacturers must invest in more sophisticated equipment, people and processes, which require new levels of training and certification. LCCC Business Growth Services is a national leader in sponsored commercialization and workforce development for advanced manufacturing.

Learn more about our services for business growth and see some of the companies we’ve helped at www.lorainccc.edu/business


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